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  • Guinevere Total Sanding Kit

Guinevere Total Sanding Kit


by King Arthur



The complete set of 5 inflatable sanders with sleeves for each in every grit, includes hand pump and cleaning stick.

Includes: Hand Pump (11320A), Cleaning Stick (11331), Inflatable Round Sander (11341A), Coarse Sleeve 60 grit (11343A), Medium Sleeve 120 grit (11344A), Fine Sleeve 180 grit (11345A), Extra Fine Sleeve 320 grit (11346A), Inflatable Drum Sander (11351A), Coarse Sleeve 80 grit (11353A), Medium Sleeve 150 grit (11354A), Fine Sleeve 220 grit (11355A), Extra Fine Sleeve 320 grit (11356A), Guinevere Small Sander (11361A), Small Sleeve Coarse 80 grit (11363A), Small Sleeves Medium 150 grit (11364A), Small Sleeves Fine 220 grit (11365A), Small Sleeves Extra Fine 320 grit (11366A), Drum Sander Long (11371A), Long Sleeves Coarse 80 grit (11373A), Long Sleeves Medium 150 grit (11374A), Long Sleeve Fine 220 grit (11375A), Long Sleeve Extra Fine 320 grit (11376A), Small Round Sander (11361SR-A), Small Round Coarse 80 grit Sleeves (11363SR-A), Small Round Medium 150 grit Sleeve (11364SR-A), Small Round Xtra Fine 320 grit Sleeves (11366SR-A), Allen Key for Sanders (11323)