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  • Starter Kit

Starter Kit


by Magswitch Products



Your Entry into the Magswitch Workholding System of woodworking tools. Features award winning "top Tool" Magswitch on off magnets. The Starter Kit includes the Universal Base, and two removable Mag Jig 150's (clamp force 150 lbs.) and the Reversible Featherboard Attachment. All you need is a steel table or fence. Magswitch featherboards grip with incredible force with a simple 180 degree turn of a knob. Benefits are fast set up, safety against kickbacks, left or right feeds, and precise feel tensioning. No need for a mitre slot. Use anywhere on a table or fence - infeed or out feed; right or left feed. The Starter Kit is the economical way to get started with the Workholding System. The next attachment you must get is the Vertical Featherboard Attachment which works in tandem with the reversible Reversible Featherboard for dual plane workholding and added safety against kickbacks. This flexible system is based around the incredibly powerful Magswitch on/off magnetic Jigs and gives you all the workholding tools you need for all your table tools.

· Reversible featherboard for left or right feeds, with instant on off grip for fast set up, with precise tensioning.
· Small profile to work on Band Saws, Fences, and small tables.
· Place anywhere on the table or fence (steel or cast iron).
· Use the Jigs separately on your own jigs or fixtures.
· Add all the Workholding system attachments now that you have the Universal Base and Mag Jigs.